Christian Apparel Brand On A Mission

50% of our profits supports church plants and youth groups!

Share your faith and look cool doing it! Styled Faith Co is a Christian apparel brand on mission to support new Church Plants and Youth Groups by selling the most trendy hoodies, t-shirts, and hats. Show off your faith with seriously fire Christian clothing. Beyond that, we want to help encourage you to share your faith with others – faith isn’t meant to be hidden, so our apparel if comfortable and trendy so you can share your faith without missing out on the latest trends! Our Christian apparel is also top-notch comfortable, heavy-duty, and long-lasting. And the hoodies are softer than any other hoodie you’ll find, we guarantee it!


Styled Faith Co is the trendiest Christian Apparel Brand for Gen Z. Hey there! I’m Tim, founder of Styled Faith Co. I’ve been a huge supporter of Gen Z for years with the sole mission of seeing young people develop into their fullest potential in their faith and personal lives through Jesus Christ. Some time ago I was looking for a solid Christian apparel brand that wasn’t cliche or 2000’s looking and struggled hard! So I developed a vision for a Christian apparel brand that would provide seriously high quality clothing with trendy phrases and designs to help Gen Z guys share their faith. The core values for Styled Faith Co are to be a christian apparel brand that is trendy, modern, and comfortable. Beyond that, a significant portion of profits from Styled Faith Co goes towards discipling organizations, youth pastors, and churches to help draw more of Gen Z into a relationship with Jesus Christ. We are Styled Faith Co. We are the trendy and comfortable Christian Apparel brand for Gen Z guys.


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